Food Grade Liners

If you are in need of food grade liners then you are in luck, as we stock industrially-named Dolav Liners and Tray Liners in blue tint, which are available for UK wide delivery.

Supplying food safe packaging to the food industry is one of the biggest things we do here at Reynopoly,

Most of what we provide is available as an off the shelf product, however customers circumstances may require something slightly different. Whether it be, colour, size, thickness or even a different factor all together – we can take the details of exactly what it is the customer needs and give them the best advice, feedback and price that we can offer.

A bit about the products above that we offer off the shelf

Dolav Liners

Dolav Liners are perforated on a roll, designed for ease-of-use with Dolav containers and made from specially-designed, blue tint food-grade Light Density Polythene. Used extensively within the food manufacturing and processing industry as a means of protection, storing and transporting products such as; meat, chicken, bread and preserves, from contact with the inside of the Dolav container, plastic bucket or drum. The liner protects the product, keeping it clean, fresh and compliant to BRC accreditations.


Customers can find these dolav liners stocked in two sizes and gauges. First we have the thicker liners at 1270mm x 2337mm x 2439mm – 50mu (known to us as REYNOFLEX). Secondly we have the lighter and thinner liners at 1270mm x 2260mm x 1830mm – 30mu (Known to us as REYNOFLEX LITE).


Tray Liners

Blue Tint Tray Liners are boxed in singles and made from Medium Density Polyethylene. Simply line your boxes or crates with these food safe blue tint tray liners for easy storage and transportation. The liner protects the product, keeping it clean, fresh and compliant to BRC accreditations.



Customers can find these tray liners stocked in two sizes with the same gauge. First we have the larger liners at 25″ x 41″ x 38″ – 12MU. Secondly we have the slightly smaller but our most popular liners at 25″ x 41″ x 26″ – 12MU.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, we would appreciate any feedback and comments you want to provide.

If you need anymore information regarding these products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just follow the link and you will find our contact details. Contact info .

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